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Can You Dye Your Hair with Box Dye After Bleaching?

Want to use box dye on your hair after bleaching? Find out if you’ll produce more damage!

Written by Ioana Moldovan
Can You Dye Your Hair with Box Dye After Bleaching

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Can you dye your hair with box dye after bleaching? This question plagues many who are looking to change their hair color. Bleaching is a common process that lightens hair.

It often leaves the hair porous and damaged. Many people want to know if it’s safe to apply box dye post-bleaching.

The answer isn’t straightforward. According to hair care experts, it is possible, but there are precautions to take.

In this article, we will explore those precautions, the science behind hair coloring, and tips for achieving the best results

How Does Hair Bleaching Work?

How Does Hair Bleaching Work

When you bleach your hair, you’re using a chemical to strip the natural color from your hair strands. Bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down the melanin in your hair. This process lightens your hair.

The longer you leave bleach on your hair, the more color it will remove, and the lighter your hair will become.

The Effects of Bleach on Hair

Bleaching your hair can lead to several changes. Here are some of the effects bleach has on hair:

  • Damage to hair proteins: Bleach lifts the protective proteins around each strand of hair. This makes it more prone to damage.
  • Loss of natural moisture: Bleaching dries out your hair. This makes it feel rough and unmanageable.
  • Color alteration: The bleach dissolves pigments in your hair. This results in a lighter color.

After bleaching your hair, it’s crucial to take proper care before applying box dye. Follow these steps to ensure the best results:

  • Use a filler: Apply a filler to your hair to bring back yellow and orange tones, allowing the dye to adhere better.
  • Choose a professional dye: Opt for a high-quality box dye, as it is less likely to cause further damage.
  • Consult a hairstylist: If you’re unsure about the process or encounter problems, seek expert advice from a hairstylist.

Can I Use Box Dye Over Bleached Hair?

Yes, you can use box dye over bleached hair. Be cautious and follow the proper steps to prevent damage. This helps you achieve the desired results.

Bleached hair often has a porous texture and lacks natural pigments. This can affect how it absorbs the dye.

To ensure a successful color application, select a box dye designed for previously bleached hair.

You should choose a color that is close to your natural shade or a shade darker than your desired outcome. Bleached hair tends to absorb more pigment.

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Types of Hair Dye

Types of Hair Dye

There are many types of hair dyes that damage your hair in different amounts. To better understand if you should dye your hair after bleaching, here is a comparison.

Type of Hair DyeLongevityDamage to HairMain IngredientsBest forUnique Features
Permanent Hair DyeLasts until hair grows outModerate to HighAmmonia, peroxideSignificant color changeOxidative, penetrates hair shaft
Demi-Permanent12-24 shampoosLow to ModerateNo ammonia, low peroxideEnhancing natural colorFades gradually, less damaging
Semi-Permanent4-12 shampoosLowNo ammonia, no peroxideTemporary color changeWashes out, not for drastic changes
Temporary Hair DyeUntil next shampooMinimalColor pigmentsSpecial occasionsSurface application, easy removal
HennaSeveral weeksMinimalHenna plant leavesNatural color enhancementOrganic, can be conditioning
Natural Hair DyesVariesMinimalPlant-based ingredientsThose avoiding chemicalsChemical-free, less predictable
BleachPermanentHighHydrogen peroxideLightening hairStrips color, prepares for dye
Vegetable Hair Dye6-12 shampoosMinimalPlant-based ingredientsTemporary colorLess damaging, fades quickly
Metallic Hair DyePermanentHighMetallic saltsUnconventional colorsHard to remove, may interact with others dyes
Progressive Hair DyeBuilds over timeModerateLead acetateGradual color changeDarkens gradually with each use
Hybrid Hair DyeVariesModerateMix of dyesVersatilityCombines features of other dyes
Direct Dye4-12 shampoosLowColor pigmentsBright, bold colorsNo developer needed, fades quickly
Indirect Dye12-24 shampoosLow to ModerateRequires developerMore natural shadesNeeds developer, more lasting

Box Dye vs. Professional Hair Dye

Now that you know what types of hair dye you can buy, it’s best to learn about the differences between box dye and professional hair dye.

FeatureBox DyeProfessional Hair Dye
AvailabilityEasily available in storesMostly in salons
CostGenerally cheaperMore expensive
CustomizationLimited color optionsHighly customizable
ApplicationDIYApplied by professionals
LongevityVaries by typeUsually longer-lasting
Damage to HairModerate to highLower, depending on application
Ingredients QualityStandard, may include ammoniaHigher quality, often ammonia-free
Developer StrengthOne-size-fits-allCustomizable
Ease of UseDesigned for easy applicationRequires skill and technique
CoverageMay be unevenEven and thorough
Color VibrancyMay fade fasterMore vibrant and lasts longer
InstructionsGenericTailored to individual needs

How To Use Box Dye

After bleaching your hair, you can indeed use box dye, but proceed with caution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

  1. Choose the right shade: Pick a shade that works with your bleached hair. take into consideration the base color, desired result, and potential color change.
  2. Read the instructions: Familiarize yourself with the instructions provided in the box dye kit.
  3. Conduct a strand test: Perform a strand test to check the color. This helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.
  4. Prepare the dye: Mix the dye and developer according to the instructions given in the kit.
  5. Toner application (optional): Use toner to neutralize unwanted tones before applying the box dye.
  6. Apply the dye: Separate your hair into sections. Apply the dye using gloves to prevent staining.
  7. Wait and rinse: Leave the dye on your hair for the recommended time, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Box Hair Dyeing After Bleaching Tips

Box Hair Dyeing After Bleaching Tips

To dye your hair with box dye after bleaching, follow these tips:

  • Wait a day or two before dyeing, as dyeing right after bleaching may lead to poor results.
  • Use protein fillers before dyeing to repair and strengthen your strands. These treatments can help maintain your hair’s health after bleaching.
  • Choose color wisely. Bleached hair tends to be more porous, which may alter the final shade.
  • Test a strand first. This way, you can see the final color and adjust if needed before dyeing your whole head.
  • Follow the box dye instructions carefully to ensure the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait to use box dye after bleaching?

It’s best to wait at least a day or two after bleaching before using a box dye on your hair. This gives your hair some time to recover from the bleaching process and reduce potential damage. Remember to deep condition your hair between bleaching and dyeing to help restore moisture and maintain hair health.

Can I cover bleached hair with a dark box dye?

Yes, you can cover bleached hair with a dark box dye. Choose the right shade and follow the instructions to ensure an even color and avoid patchiness. It’s also a good idea to use a protein filler before applying the dark color. This step can help repair any damage from the bleaching process and ensure a better result when dyeing your hair dark.

Do I need to dry hair after bleaching before applying color?

Yes, it’s important to dry your hair after bleaching and before applying color. Having dry hair allows the dye to penetrate and ensures a better result. If you apply color to damp hair, it can dilute the dye and lead to an uneven color distribution. Make sure to dry your hair after bleaching before using a box dye to achieve the best possible outcome