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Green Shampoo on Blonde Hair: Right or Wrong?

Green shampoo is made for dark hair. But can it work for blondes?

Written by Amber Belanger
green shampoo on blonde hair

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Blonde hair comes with its own set of challenges. For one, the light color is easily affected by outside factors.

That also means, it gets dirty or discolored quickly.

Now, you’ve heard of green shampoo, and have heard it can help. But can it really?

The initial answer is no: do not use green shampoo on blonde hair. Matrix, a popular green shampoo brand, say it themselves: that green shampoo is for dark hair.

So what’s the deal? Can you use green shampoo on blonde hair or not?

What Is Green Shampoo

Green shampoo is a hair care product designed to neutralize red tones in dark hair. The green pigments in this shampoo work to offset any unwanted red hues that develop due to various factors.

These factors can be coloring, sun exposure, or using hot tools on your hair.

How It Works

To grasp how green shampoo works, it’s helpful to take a quick look at the color wheel.

On the wheel, you’ll see that green and red are opposite colors. When green pigment is applied to red-toned hair, the red hue is neutralized. This brings the hair color back to its original, rich brunette shade.

Remember, green shampoo is great for neutralizing red tones in brunette hair. But it may not be suitable for blonde hair. Purple shampoo is a better choice to neutralize yellow or brassy tones.

Does Green Shampoo Work on Blonde Hair?

Green shampoo generally doesn’t work on blonde hair. It is designed for dark brown hair to neutralize red tones. As blondes rarely develop red tones, green shampoo won’t have an effect.

If you have natural dark hair that’s been colored, it can work though. But here’s why it won’t for most blondes:

Firstly, green shampoo contains green colorants, which can end up turning your blonde hair green.

Secondly, blonde hair requires different color-depositing shampoo to maintain its tone. For blonde hair, a purple shampoo is the ideal choice. This is because blondes develop yellow undertones. And since purple sits opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it neutralizes yellow tones.

To summarize, here’s what to remember:

  • Green shampoo is designed for dark brown hair, not blonde hair.
  • Using green shampoo on blonde hair can result in unwanted color changes.
  • Purple shampoo is recommended for blonde hair to neutralize yellow tones.

What Does Green Shampoo Do on Blonde Hair?

Green shampoo does two things:

  • Removes red tones
  • Cleans your hair

As described, blondes rarely develop red tones. This will usually only happen if you have natural dark hair, and you colored it blonde.

Tackling Red Tones

Green shampoo is designed specifically for brunettes to neutralize red tones in their hair.

If your blonde hair has a few red or copper tones, green shampoo can help neutralize those. Just remember to use it sparingly as it’s primarily formulated for dark hair.

Cleaning Properties

As green shampoo is a shampoo, it also cleans your hair. But that’s about it. Toning shampoos aren’t designed for nourishment or strength, so it’s a good idea to follow them up with a conditioner.

How to Use Green Shampoo on Blonde Hair

Again, you probably shouldn’t use green shampoo on blonde hair. But if you insist, here’s how to use green shampoo the right way.

Application Techniques

Applying green shampoo is simple, and it is very similar to using your regular shampoo.

Here is an easy step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Wet your hair: First, wet your hair. This will make it easier for the green shampoo to distribute evenly.
  2. Apply the green shampoo: Squeeze a small amount of green shampoo into your palms. Massage it into your hair, focusing on the areas with red tones.
  3. Let it sit: Give the shampoo some time to work its magic. Follow the recommended time in the product instructions (1-3 minutes).
  4. Rinse and condition: Rinse out the green shampoo thoroughly and apply a conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and smooth.

When using green shampoo, it’s essential to remember the following tips:

  • Read the instructions on your specific shampoo brand for best results.
  • Do not leave the green shampoo on your hair for too long. It might deposit too much green color and alter your desired hair shade.

How Often to Use Green Shampoo

When using green shampoo on your blonde hair, it’s essential not to overdo it.

Typically, you should apply the shampoo once or twice a week between salon visits.

You can adjust the frequency according to your hair’s needs. If you notice unwanted red tones, you can increase the frequency to keep your blonde color looking perfect.

Better Alternatives to Enhance Blonde Hair

Instead of using green shampoo on your blonde hair, there are better alternatives. Alternatives that are designed to maintain and enhance your blonde hair color:

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Purple shampoo
  • Purple conditioner
  • Hair toner

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are designed to strip away product build-up and other impurities. This gives your hair a fresh start and making it more receptive to other treatments.

When your hair feels weighed down or dull, using a clarifying shampoo is helpful. It’s essential, however, to use clarifying shampoos sparingly. They can be too harsh for daily use.

Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoos are perfect for blonde hair because they help combat brassiness and yellow tones.

These color-depositing shampoos contain purple pigments, which help neutralize any unwanted warm colors in your hair.

To make the most of your purple shampoo, make sure you use it right.

Purple Conditioner

Similar to purple shampoo, purple conditioner also contains purple pigments that can counteract yellow tones.

By incorporating a purple conditioner into your hair care routine, it can help maintain a consistent tone between shampoo sessions.

Choose a conditioner formulated specifically for blonde hair and use it as directed on the product label.

Hair Toners

Hair toners are a salon-grade treatment that can temporarily adjust the color of your blonde hair. Toners typically last for several weeks before having to be reapplied.

Going to a professional hairstylist for a toning session is the best approach.

A toner can help eliminate brassiness, leaving you with a fresh, cool blonde shade. It’s especially useful when you’ve just had your hair color-treated and want it to look its best.

Takeaway: Should Blondes Use Green Shampoo?

You might be wondering whether green shampoo will be helpful for your blonde hair. But the truth is, blondes rarely experience red tones.

Instead, the challenges you face as a blonde are typically yellow and brassy tones.

So, should you use green shampoo? The answer is no, as it won’t address the specific concerns you have with blonde hair. It can also damage your hair. Instead, use purple shampoo. This will achieve a much better effect:

  • Neutralizes yellow tones: The purple pigment in the shampoo neutralizes yellow and warm tones that appear in blonde hair over time.
  • Preserves color: A good purple shampoo is formulated for color-treated hair, helping to maintain your desired shade of blonde.
  • Revitalizes appearance: Purple shampoo helps to brighten and enhance your blonde color, leaving it looking fresh and salon-worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can green shampoo eliminate red tones in blonde hair?

Yes, green shampoo can help neutralize red tones in blonde hair. Green and red are opposite colors on the color wheel, so using a green shampoo helps counteract the red pigments and bring out the desired blonde tones in your hair.

What are the effects of green shampoo on blonde hair?

Green shampoo is not made for blonde hair, and will likely cause more harm than good. One possible effect of using green shampoo on blonde hair is discoloration. Your hair can turn green.

How do green shampoos compare to blue toning shampoos?

Green shampoos are specifically designed to neutralize red tones in blonde hair, while blue toning shampoos target orange and brassy tones. Depending on your hair’s specific needs and the tones you wish to eliminate, you may find green shampoo or blue toning shampoo more suitable for your hair maintenance.

What color is neutralized by green shampoo?

Green shampoo is designed to neutralize red, copper, and warm tones in blonde hair. If you’re experiencing unwanted red tones in your blonde hair, using a green shampoo can help balance out these colors.

How long should green shampoo be left on blonde hair?

You should generally not use green shampoo on blonde hair. But if you do, leave the shampoo in your hair for 1-3 minutes before rinsing. Make sure to read the instructions on your specific shampoo bottle for the best results.

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