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How Green Shampoo Works on Brown Hair: Benefits & Effects

What does green shampoo do on brown hair? And does it work? Find the answers here.

Written by Amber Belanger
green shampoo on brown hair

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Dry hair, dull hair, and split ends. The world is full of hair problems. Among them is unwanted tones and discoloration.

For brunettes, this comes in the form of red or orange tones. These unwanted pigments mess up your vibrant hair color, making your hair less virbant.

But, this is why you should use green shampoo.

This product is made for brown hair to eliminates the unwanted tones. Lets take a look at what green shampoo does to brown hair.

Hair Color and Tones

To understand why brown hair benefits from green shampoo, you need to know about undertones and pigments.

Hair color depends on the pigment in your hair. That’s why some people have brown hair, and others blonde.

If it’s not disturbed, it’ll stay that way. But, when your hair gets exposed to elements like sunlight, chlorine, or heat styling, these undertones can become more visible, altering your hair color.

So here’s what that means for different brown hair colors:

  • Brown
  • Lightened brown
  • Dark brown

Undertones In Brown Hair

Every shade of brown hair has a unique undertone. As mentioned, they can be red, orange, or even yellow.

Typically, dark brown hair has more red undertones, while lighter shades of brown have yellow or orange undertones.

Undertones In Lightened Hair

Lightened brown hair is more likely to show orange or yellow undertones. This results in a brassy look you’d prefer to avoid.

Undertones In Dark Brown Hair

If your hair is naturally dark brown or has been dyed a deeper shade, you might notice red undertones. This is where green shampoo steps in; it’s perfect for neutralizing red tones in medium to deep shades of brown hair.

Does Green Shampoo Work for Brown Hair?

Yes, green shampoo works for brown hair, especially if your hair starts to show unwanted red tones.

Green shampoo helps neutralize red colors, restoring your hair to its original dark brunette shade.

It’s designed for dark brown hair, so avoid using it on blonde hair, light brown hair, or light highlights. Instead, you should use other products.

More about this later.

Benefits of Green Shampoo for Brown Hair

Green shampoo is a great product to use if you have brown hair that needs color correction. The green pigments in the shampoo work by neutralizing any unwanted red tones that can appear in your hair, giving it a richer, more even shade.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of green shampoo for different shades of brown hair:

Hair ColorBenefit of Green Shampoo
Dark Brown HairNeutralizes underlying red tones, giving a rich, even appearance
Medium Brown HairMaintains color-treated hair and neutralizes any color imbalance, but not always recommended.
Lightened Brown HairCan neutralizes warm or orange tones, but always recommended.

Dark Brown Hair

If you have dark brown hair, chances are you may sometimes notice some underlying red tones. These tones can make your hair color look dull and less vibrant.

Green shampoo is perfect for dark brown hair. It neutralizes unwanted reds, giving your dark brown hair a rich, even appearance.

Apply the product as you would with your regular shampoo, and the green pigments will neutralize and balance out your hair color.

Brown Hair

For those with medium brown hair, green shampoo can provide a range of benefits. But, it’s not always the best product for you.

It can help you maintain your color-treated hair if you develop red undertones. But many with medium-brown hair tend to develop orange hues.

If that’s the case with your hair, check out blue shampoo instead.

Lightened Brown Hair

When lightening brown hair, it’s common for warm or orange tones to be revealed. Green shampoo can help neutralize these unwanted warm tones. But, the purpose of green shampoo is to target red tones. Not orange.

If you develop orange tones, go with a blue shampoo instead. If you develop red tones, stick with a green shampoo.

How to Use Green Shampoo for Brown Hair

Here’s how to use green shampoo on brown hair:

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Apply shampoo
  3. Leave it in
  4. Rinse

Learn more about how to use green shampoo.

1. Wet Your Hair

First, wet your hair thoroughly.

2. Apply Shampoo

Apply a generous amount of green color-depositing shampoo to your hair, using your fingers to distribute it evenly.

Massage the shampoo into your hair and along the length of your hair, focusing on areas with more prominent red tones.

3. Leave It In

Leave the shampoo on your hair for about 1-5 minutes. This allows the green pigments to work their magic by neutralizing the red tones.

It’s important not to leave it on for too long, as over-toning may result in an overly-green tint to your hair.

4. Rinse & Condition

Rinse your hair well with cold or lukewarm water, until the water runs clear and all the shampoo is washed out.

To keep your hair soft, follow up with a hydrating conditioner.

Between treatments, consider using a nourishing hair mask once a week. This will help keep your hair healthy, shiny, and moisturized. You can also opt for a color-correcting hair mask if your hair needs additional toning.

Best Green Shampoo for Brown Hair

Here’s how you can find the best green shampoo for you:

  • Understand your hair type
  • Look for good ingredients
  • Look for high-quality products
  • Avoid harmful chemicals

Understanding Your Hair Type

When selecting a green shampoo to neutralize red undertones in brown hair, it’s important to consider your hair type.

Different shampoos are formulated for specific hair types, such as oily, dry, or combination. If you have oily hair, opt for a green shampoo that is designed to combat excess oil and provide balance.

Product Features to Consider

A high-quality green shampoo should deliver total results beyond toning down red undertones. Look for formulas that not only effectively neutralize unwanted tones but also leave your hair feeling soft, refreshed, and healthy.

Consider shampoos with added benefits like color protection. This can help preserve your hair color and extend the time between salon visits.

Matrix Dark Envy Shampoo

One popular choice for green shampoo is the Matrix Dark Envy shampoo.

This product is specifically designed for dark hair, including brunettes. It offers dual benefits of toning down red undertones while providing a rich, cool color.

Green Shampoo Alternatives for Brown Hair

If you have brown hair and are looking for alternatives to green shampoo, there are options available for you.

Maybe you don’t have red undertones. Or if you’re not into toning shampoo, you can try a natural alternative:

  • Purple shampoo for blonde or color-treated hair
  • Blue shampoo for lighter shades of brown
  • Silver shampoo for gray hair
  • Henna as a natural alternative

Purple Shampoo

For those with blonde hair or light brown hair, green shampoo is not be the best choice.

A better option is purple shampoo. Purple shampoo neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones and works well for blonde and lightened hair.

Blue Shampoo

For lighter shades of brown hair, try a blue shampoo. Blue shampoo is great for eliminating unwanted orange tones.

Silver Shampoo

If you have silver or gray hair, a violet or silver shampoo would be ideal for you. These shampoos counteract warm, yellow, and brassy tones in gray hair.

Natural Alternative

Apart from shampoos, you can also use natural pigments to enhance your hair color. For instance, henna can be used to nourish and color brown hair. It can work as a natural and healthy alternative to chemical hair dyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can green shampoo neutralize red tones in brown hair?

Yes, green shampoo is designed specifically for brunettes to help neutralize red tones in brown hair. When your hair starts turning red, using green shampoo can counteract that effect and keep your color looking rich and vibrant.

How does green toning shampoo work on different hair colors?

Green toning shampoo works best on darker shades of brown hair, as it targets the underlying redness that can make your color appear dull. If you have lighter brown hair, it’s recommended to use a blue shampoo instead. Blue shampoo focuses on reducing brassiness and orange tones that may be present in lighter brown hair.

Is green shampoo safe for light brown and blonde hair?

Green shampoo is generally not recommended for lighter brown hair and blonde hair. As mentioned earlier, blue shampoo is better suited for these hair colors. Green shampoo can alter the color of light brown and blonde hair in an undesirable way, so it’s essential to choose the right toning shampoo based on your hair color.

How often should I use green shampoo on my brown hair?

You can use green shampoo as often as needed to keep your brown hair free of unwanted red tones. Generally, it’s safe to use once or twice a week, depending on the condition of your hair and the desired results. Remember to follow the instructions on the specific product you’re using, as the frequency may vary.

One popular green shampoo brand is Matrix’s Dark Green Envy. This award-winning shampoo neutralizes reddish undertones in black and dark-brown hair, leaving your locks glossy and refreshed. Make sure to choose a green shampoo that suits your hair type and desired results, and don’t forget to read reviews and product descriptions before making a purchase.

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