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How to Use Purple Conditioner: The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about using purple conditioner.

Written by Amber Belanger
How to Use Purple Conditioner

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Are you tired of dealing with brassiness in your blonde, silver, gray, or highlighted hair?

Enter purple conditioner: your new best friend to maintain your cool tone and keep your hair soft and healthy.

Purple conditioner is designed to nourish your hair. But it also neutralizes unwanted warm tones to reveal a cooler color.

But how do you use it?

That’s the topic on this article. We’ll cover everything you need to know about using purple conditioner.

Purple Conditioner 101

Purple Conditioner 101

Before you can use purple conditioner, you need to know how it works.

What is Purple Conditioner?

Purple conditioner is a toning conditioner designed for those with blonde, silver, gray, or highlighted hair. It is made to neutralize the brassy and yellow tones that can develop over time. This gives your hair a cooler, more even color.

How Do Purple Conditioners Work?

The concept behind purple conditioner is based on the color wheel. Since purple is opposite to yellow on the color wheel, the violet pigments in the conditioner work to neutralize yellow tones in your hair.

When you apply the product to your hair, these pigments are absorbed, helping to restore a more cool and even color.

Purple Conditioner vs. Purple Shampoo

You might wonder about the difference between purple conditioner and purple shampoo, and when to use each one.

Both products contain violet pigments to neutralize brassy tones, but they serve different purposes.

The main difference between purple shampoo and purple conditioner is the fact that one is a shampoo and the other is a conditioner. Both are designed to combat unwanted yellow tones.

CategoryPurple ConditionerPurple Shampoo
PurposeNourishes and adds moisture. Neutralizes yellow tonesCleanses and provides a quick toning effect
BenefitsNourishes and moisturizes hairWorks on toning hair color more deeply and lasts longer
Hair TypesSuitable for all hair typesSuitable for all hair types
Hair ColorsMade for blondes & light hair colorsMade for blondes & light hair colors
Main FocusNourishing and maintaining cool tonesCleansing and toning the hair

Purple shampoo is primarily used to cleanse your hair and provide a quick toning effect. Purple conditioner focuses on nourishing your hair and providing a deeper, more lasting change in tone.

It’s a good idea to use a purple shampoo to remove dirt and buildup. You can follow it with purple conditioner to lock in hydration and work on toning your hair even more.

How to Use Purple Conditioner

Use purple conditioner like any conditioner: wash your hair, apply the conditioner, leave it in, and rinse is out thorougly.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo to remove dirt and oil.
  2. Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair but leave it damp.
  3. Apply purple conditioner evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the areas with brassiness.
  4. Leave the conditioner on for the suggested time (check the next sub-section).
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water to remove the conditioner and close the hair cuticle.

Timing and Frequency

The amount of time you should leave the purple conditioner in your hair depends on the level of brassiness you’re dealing with.

Let the product sit for 2-5 minutes. If you need more intense toning, you can leave it on for a little longer.

Do not exceed the recommended time on the product label as this may lead to undesirable results.

In terms of frequency, you can use purple conditioner every time you wash your hair. Or, use it as needed to maintain the coolness of your hair color.

It’s best to test the product and adjust the frequency based on your hair’s response.

Rinsing Process

Rinsing your hair thoroughly is essential for effectively removing the purple conditioner and avoiding any residue build-up.

Cool water is recommended for rinsing to help seal the hair cuticle and maintain the toned color.

Wet or Dry Hair?

For best results, it’s recommended to apply purple conditioner to damp hair. Do not apply it to dry hair as it can lead to uneven distribution. This can result in discoloration and worse results.

While using purple conditioner, consider incorporating a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. Swap your regular conditioner with the purple one whenever you need to maintain your desired hair color.

Is Purple Conditioner For All Hair Colors?

Is Purple Conditioner For All Hair Colors

Purple conditioner is made for blonde hair or light-colored hair. These hair colors are more prone to develop yellow unwanted tones.

Dark hair tends to develop orange and brassy tones. If this is you, you’ll likely have more success using a blue conditioner or blue shampoo. These are developed for orange tones, instead of yellow.

But everyone can use the conditioner. Brunettes will still benefits from the nourishment.

Best Purple Conditioners

There are big differences between purple conditioners. Some are more potent, others are more nourishing. Here’s how to find the best one for you.

Different Hair Types

Using the right purple conditioner for your specific hair type can make a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of your blonde locks.

If you have colored hair, opt for a purple conditioner formulated to protect color-treated hair.

For dry hair, choose a conditioner with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

If you’re looking for a versatile option, go for a purple conditioner suitable for all hair types.

Hair TypeSuitable Purple Conditioner
Colored HairPurple conditioner formulated for color-treated hair
Dry HairPurple conditioner with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients
All Hair TypesPurple conditioner suitable for all hair types
Blonde Highlights or Light HairPurple conditioner designed for blondes
Brunette/Dark HairMore intense, blue-toned conditioner

Ingredients to Look for

To achieve the best results, pay attention to the ingredients in your purple conditioner. Search for products that contain:

  • Proteins to help strengthen your hair.
  • Nourishing ingredients like natural oils and vitamins to maintain hair health.
  • Moisturizing components to keep your hair hydrated.

Some popular brands that offer purple conditioners include the following:

  • Olaplex: A brand known for their effective and high-quality products, including their purple duo.
  • Hairlust: A danish brand with a long line of hair care products, trusted by many.
  • John Frieda: An affordable option with a strong formula to tackle brassiness.
  • Paul Mitchell: A trusted brand offering high-quality purple conditioners that cater to various hair care needs.
  • TRESemmé: A nourishing and moisturizing option that pairs well with purple shampoo for optimal results.

Remember to choose the best purple conditioner according to your hair type and lifestyle. Pair it with a good purple shampoo for the best results.

Maximize the Benefits of Purple Conditioner

While purple conditioner itself will work wonders for you, it’s a good idea to pair it with other care methods.

Here’s how you can maximize your hair health and enhance your hair color.

Pair It With Other Hair Care Products

Using purple conditioner is an excellent way to maintain the cool tones in blonde, gray, or silver hair. Making the most of this product also involves pairing it with other hair care essentials.

First, use a purple shampoo to cleanse your hair and reduce brassiness. Remember that purple shampoo can be drying. It’s crucial to follow up with a conditioner. You can also use a color-protecting hair mask to restore lost moisture.

For an extra boost, consider incorporating a toning treatment. This includes a hair toner for brassiness or a toning shampoo designed for yellow or orange tones.

If your hair has more warm or gold hues, using a blue shampoo can also help tone down those unwanted colors.

Maintain Your Hair Color and Tones

A key factor to maintain your desired hair color and tone is proper application.

To get the most out of your purple conditioner, use it like any other conditioner (as described earlier).

To keep your colored hair looking its best, incorporate the following tips:

  • Adjust usage frequency: Depending on your hair’s condition and desired coolness level, use the purple conditioner more or less frequently. Keep an eye on your hair’s tone and adjust the frequency accordingly.
  • Don’t overdo it: Overusing purple conditioner can lead to over-toning. This can result in a dull, grayish hue. Be mindful of how often you use this product to avoid over-toning.
  • Switch to sulfate-free products: Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are gentler on colored hair. This helps maintain vibrant colors and prevent oxidation.
  • Protect your hair from the sun: Exposure to sunlight can cause colored hair to fade or oxidize. Use a UV-protective spray or wear a hat when outdoors to shield your hair from harmful rays.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you use purple products, there are some common mistakes to avoid. Here are the most typical:

  • Incorrect application
  • Using bad products
  • Overuse

Applying Incorrectly

When using purple conditioner, it’s essential to apply it the right way to get the desired results.

  • First, make sure your hair is clean and wet.
  • Start by applying the conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair. This is where the most damage occurs.
  • Avoid applying it directly to the roots.
  • Comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product.
  • Let the conditioner sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

Wrong Product Choices

The right product can make all the difference. If you have blonde highlights or naturally light hair, look for a purple conditioner designed for blondes.

On the other hand, if you’re a brunette with darker hair, you need a more intense, blue-toned conditioner.

Always read the labels and consult your hairstylist if you’re unsure which product to choose.

Overusing Purple Conditioner

While purple conditioner is great for correcting unwanted tones in your hair, do not overuse it. Overusing purple conditioner can cause discoloration.

Luckily, you can use most purple conditioners every day. This problem is more common for purple shampoo.

Monitor your hair’s condition and adjust the frequency of use accordingly. And remember, moderation is key.

Alternative Solutions for Color Correction

In addition to using purple conditioner, there are other ways to correct and maintain your hair color. This section covers alternative solutions for color correction, including professional treatments and DIY options.

Colorists and Professional Treatments

Visiting a professional colorist can help you achieve the desired color correction. They understand hair tones, complementary colors, and techniques like balayage. They are experts at creating natural, well-blended looks.

A good colorist will also assess your hair’s health. They can recommend treatments for softening or improving its overall condition.

While a salon visit require more time and money, it can save you from a poor dye job. Regular touch-ups by a skilled hairstylist can maintain the roots and color while protecting your hair’s health.

DIY Options

There are DIY solutions to fix unwanted hair tones at home.

For instance, use a clarifying shampoo to remove excess product buildup. This can reveal your hair’s true color.

Additionally, there are toners available that can help adjust specific color shades. This includes bringing out violet tones in darker hair or counteracting brassiness in blondes and brunettes.

Keep in mind that DIY options might not give you the same level of precision as a professional treatment. Follow the product instructions and consider your hair type, color, and porosity for the best results.

Temporary Fixes

If you’re in a hurry and need a quick, temporary fix, try using a purple hair mask. This can help improve your hair tone for a short period.

Temporary hair color sprays, chalks, or mousses can also be useful for a brief adjustment or adding a pop of color.

Remember, these are all temporary solutions and should not replace regular salon visits or proper hair care.


How to Use Purple Conditioner The Complete Guide - Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I leave purple conditioner in my hair?

You should leave purple conditioner in your hair for about 1-3 minutes, as most products, like Saltair’s, are designed to work within this time frame. Leaving it on too long may cause a faint purple stain, especially on very blonde hair.

Should I use purple conditioner before or after shampoo?

You should use purple conditioner after shampooing your hair. First, wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. Then, apply the purple conditioner evenly throughout your hair. Remember to only leave it in for 1-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Can I use purple conditioner as a toner?

Yes, you can use purple conditioner as a toner for your blonde hair. The ultra-purple pigment in these conditioners helps tackle unwanted brassiness while keeping your locks deeply hydrated. Some people find that using purple conditioner after every wash helps maintain their hair’s ideal tone.

Is purple conditioner suitable for gray hair?

Absolutely! Purple conditioner is suitable for gray hair as well. It helps to neutralize any yellow or brassy tones, leaving your gray hair looking brighter and more refreshed. Follow the same steps for using purple conditioner on blonde hair.

How often can I use purple conditioner?

You can use purple conditioner as often as needed, depending on the specific condition of your hair and the level of brassiness you want to neutralize. Some people might use it after every wash, while others may use it once a week. Make sure to monitor your hair’s condition and adjust your usage accordingly.

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