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Who Should Use Green Shampoo: Guide for All Hair Colors

Green shampoo is not for everyone. But is it for you?

Written by Amber Belanger
who should use green shampoo

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According to all experts, our hair never stands still. It always grows, fades, or improves. And it does so on its own.

But if you wish to give it a helpful nudge towards prosperity, you can try out a toning shampoo, like green shampoo.

Question is, who should use green shampoo? Is it for everyone?

The short answer: no, it’s not for everyone.

What is Green Shampoo?

Green shampoo is the ultimate hair care product for you with dark brown or black hair. It is designed to help brunettes combat unwanted red and orange undertones in your hair.

In your daily life, your hair is exposed to various elements like UV rays, chlorine, and pollution. All of these can draw out your hair’s natural red undertones.

Green shampoo comes to your rescue to restore and maintain the richness of your original dark shade.

The secret to its success lies in its formula, which contains green dye.

What Does Green Shampoo Do?

Green shampoo is a color-depositing shampoo designed specifically for brunettes with dark brown or black hair. It helps neutralize red tones in the hair by depositing green dye that cancels out the red undertones.

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How Does Green Shampoo Work?

Green shampoo works based on the concept of complementary colors. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel cancel each other out.

In this case, green is opposite red, so green shampoo can effectively remove red tones from brunette hair.

Why Do Brunettes Have Red Tones?

Naturally, dark brown and black hair often have underlying red undertones.

These undertones may become more noticeable and prominent when exposed to natural elements like sunlight or chlorine.

The Benefits of Using Green Shampoo

Using a color-depositing shampoo like Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo can help brunettes maintain their rich and true hair color without unwanted reddish hues.

By depositing green dye into the hair, it counteracts and neutralizes any red tones, restoring the hair to its original shade.

Now that you know what green shampoo does for your hair, let’s explore how you can use it and its benefits.

Who Should Use Green Shampoo?

If you have brown or black hair, green shampoo is perfect for you. It’s designed to tackle red undertones in dark hair. These can develop due to factors like sun exposure and the use of hair products.

If your hair is color-treated, green shampoo can also be beneficial in maintaining your desired shade by keeping unwanted red tones at bay.

Does Green Shampoo Work on Brown Hair?

Those with light brown, dark brown, or black hair may experience some brassy or warm tones. Green shampoo neutralizes red tones, ensuring that your hair maintains a cooler and more natural appearance.

If you don’t have red tones, you should go for a different toner.

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Does Green Shampoo Work on Other Hair Colors?

While blondes and redheads might have different hair needs, they too can benefit from toning shampoos. But green shampoo is not great for blondes. They tend not to develop red tones.

Instead, find an alternative solution.

More about this later in the article.

Pick Based On Your Hair

Choose a shampoo that’s specifically designed for your hair color and type. Green shampoo is a fantastic product for both natural and color-treated dark hair. But it might not work for other colors.

Each hair type and color comes with its set of challenges and solutions. With the right shampoo, you’ll be one step closer to the hair color you dream of.

Toning Shampoo for All Hair Colors

Green shampoo is designed to neutralize red tones in dark brown hair. It is not recommended for other hair colors.

Different hair colors require their unique types of shampoo to counteract any undesired tones. In this section, we will discuss the appropriate shampoo for various hair colors.

Below is a brief table summarizing the recommended toning shampoo for different hair colors:

Hair ColorUnwanted TonesRecommended Toning Shampoo
Blonde & Gray HairYellowPurple Shampoo
Light Brown HairOrangeBlue Shampoo
Dark Brown HairRedGreen Shampoo
Color-Treated Red HairRedGreen Shampoo (with caution)

Green Shampoo for Blonde & Gray Hair

If you have blonde or gray hair and want to neutralize yellow or brassy tones, opt for a purple shampoo.

This toning shampoo will help you maintain your hair’s shine and hue while providing a gentle cleanse for your scalp.

Purple shampoo also often contains ingredients designed to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

Green Shampoo for Light Brown Hair

For light brown hair, it’s best to use a blue shampoo. Blue shampoo neutralizes orange tones that appear in your hair.

Much like purple shampoo, blue shampoo is typically sulfate-free and aims to leave your hair looking vibrant and healthy. And, it adds a luscious shine.

Green Shampoo for Dark Hair

Green shampoo is recommended for dark hair. Particularly dark brown hair. It neutralizes red tones that might show up in your tresses.

Green shampoos provide a deep cleanse. But as with all toning shampoos, it can be harsh on the hair. That’s why it’s recommended to always follow up with a conditioner.

Green Shampoo for Red Hair

While green shampoo is not specifically designed for red hair, if your color-treated red hair starts to show unwanted, deep red tones, you can try using green shampoo. But, it’s not recommended.

If you want to keep your red hair, don’t use green shampoo. Use a color-depositing shampoo, or another type of red-colored product.

Toning Alternatives to Green Shampoo

As mentioned above, green shampoo is not recommended for all hair types.

So here’s are some toning alternatives, if you don’t have dark hair:

  • Purple shampoo
  • Blue shampoo
  • Toning treatments

Purple Shampoo for Light Hair Colors

Purple shampoos are great for light hair colors, such as blonde or silver hair. They help neutralize yellow tones to keep your hair looking fresh and bright.

To use purple shampoo, simply swap it with your regular shampoo once or twice a week, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

This will prevent your hair from becoming too yellow or brassy.

Blue Shampoo for Brunettes

If you have brunette hair or darker shades, blue shampoo is an excellent choice for you.

Blue shampoos work by neutralizing orange and red tones that might appear in your hair color. This helps maintain a balanced, cool-toned brunette shade.

To use blue shampoo, replace your usual shampoo with it once or twice a week, and let it sit for 1-5 minutes before rinsing.

Other Toning Treatments

Besides green, purple, and blue shampoos, there’s a wide variety of other toning treatments available:

  • Professional treatments
  • Toning conditioners
  • Toning hair masks
  • Toning drops
  • And more

Professional treatments, such as salon-based color correction, can help adjust your hair color and remove any unwanted tones.

Leave-in conditioners and hair masks with color-depositing properties can also work great. They aim to maintain your desired hair color and keep your hair healthy.

So, now that you know about the different toning alternatives to green shampoo, go ahead and explore what suits your hair best. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of green shampoo?

Green shampoo is designed to neutralize red tones in brunette hair, making the color look more natural and less fiery. By offsetting the red hues, your hair will appear more balanced and even-toned. In addition to color correcting, green shampoo can also provide other benefits such as cleansing and promoting healthy hair.

Which hair colors benefit from green shampoo?

Green shampoo is specifically formulated for people with brunette hair who want to neutralize red tones. If your hair has become brassy or appears too red, green shampoo can help restore the desired balance to your hair color.

Is green shampoo effective for removing red tones?

Yes, green shampoo is effective at removing red tones from brunette hair. Just like blue shampoo neutralizes orange hues in blonde hair, green shampoo works by neutralizing the red hues in brown hair. This helps to restore your hair’s natural color balance and reduce the appearance of unwanted red tones.

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